Be Industry 4.0 Ready with Design Thinking

Amplo Global's Webinar on Design thinking

A 2 day intensive workshop simulating a powerful real world use case

About this Event

Businesses today are at a cusp of cognitive revolution, one that promises an inter-connectivity between humans & machines, like never before, ushering in an era of value network that ultimately aims to delight users with conscious experiences.

What then are the levers of this giant wheel of change? Monikered, Industry 4.0; the revolution propels every organization, old & new, big & small to adopt practices that places the human experience at the centre of next generation technology.

Re-invention, Re-imagination, Digital twining, Knowledge curation, augmentation, artificial intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Real time Data capabilities are being re-imagined to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Value creation is the new currency of operation, with human centred experience at it’s core. Driving this, is a cultural mindset of design thinking that encompasses contextual dimensions of Unified Network of experiences, driving business sustenance.

The new paradigm of organizational success is when the equation of innovation and sustenance resides in same quadrant. The leadership teams are foreseeing the utility of design thinking as a mindset fulcrum to innovate and hence, encouraging this skillset across teams in their organization to deliver a unified experience connecting users, products, operations & data, thus marking new benchmarks of success.

This is the time to innovate and succeed. This is the future GamePlay.

Step up with the essential skillset of Design Thinking for Industry 4.0. Participate in the upcoming two day immersive & practice based workshop that introduces tenets of design thinking for industry 4.0 with one powerful comprehensive example, that you can then use extensively to draw parallels to a vertical relevant for you”

on Nov 16 & 17 in New Jersey

What you will learn

  • The intricacies of the tenets of Design Thinking and how they are applied to Industry 4.0 scenario with real world use cases
  • Inside out perspective of Industry 4.0 by practitioners of Industry 4.0
  • Participate in lively discussions, exercises and form connections with senior Industry practitioners as well as peers.
  • Application of Design Thinking to real world Industry 4.0 with a practice based Industry 4.0 scenario
  • Thus, helping you apply the foundations of Design Thinking at your workplace

There is more..

  • You will be a part of our budding Design Thinkers for Industry 4.0 community
  • You will get special offers on subsequent training & events
  • Certification of Achievement
  • Repository of Learning Material online

Who should attend?

Working Professionals from Technology, Industrial production & manufacturing, Life sciences and entrepreneurs who want to embrace Design Thinking for Innovation as well as those, who want to be part of the Industry 4.0 growth story, using Design Thinking.

This workshop will be delivered by Industry thought leaders & practitioners with domain expertise spanning over decades, bringing forth a repository of invaluable collective knowledge

Our Speakers

Anirban Bhattacharyya

Amplo Global Inc



Design Thinking Thought, Leader

Our Facilitators

Sonya Banerjee

VP of Innovation, Amplo Global Inc


Vice President Delivery

Workshop Agenda