Strategic Services

Service offerings @ Amplo Global Inc.

Amplo Global Inc. offers strategic services prior or after AmploFly4.0 (formerly DIVA™) implementation. Any service delivered, Any point or strategic solution implemented Is measurable by AmploFly4.0 (formerly DIVA™), an AI led platform focused on Industry 4.0.

Strategy Scoring

Measure and score strategy readiness for Industry 4.0-like efficiencies.

Value Management

Drive Industry 4.0-driven PMO and change via Agile-based program delivery.

AI-led Sales and Operations 4.0-efficiency

Identify opportunities to convert cost centers to profit centers, positively impacting annual budget planning.

Design Thinking / Visualization

Employ high level design thinking as a change agent.

Data Strategy

Maximize data lake strategy to improve monetization of overall business model.

A-led e-Marketplace / Eco-system Creation

Build seamless eco-systems that enable a single system of engagement that will improve overall business process harmonization.

Automation Strategies

Enhance automation, reskilling and centers of excellence.

Manufacturing Execution Strategy

Drive new normal MES strategy emulating ISA 95 model; drive MES applications as a service.
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Make smarter business decisions with Amplo

Amplo Global Inc. is an AI led strategy and operations benchmarking and capability modeling organization Driving cloud based platform on the cloud.

  • For measuring Industry 4.0 plus (Industrial IoT) readiness. Amplo caters to small, medium and large organizations across Industrial/Manufacturing, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Packaged Goods.
  • Amplo’s cloud-based AmploFly4.0 (formerly DIVA™) product framework, which entails five key strategic sub-products, drives a value-based assessment and offers seven key deliverables in the cloud. Amplo brings a connected experience for end-to-end business process operations and sales management by leveraging AmploFly4.0 (formerly DIVA™) coupled with Amplo’s robust global delivery engines, allowing clients to achieve a holistic maturity assessment and enabling them in Industry 4.0 programs.
  • Amplo Global offers a diverse suite of AmploFly4.0 (formerly DIVA™) led strategic services and brings a novel and quantified structure to strategic programs for organizations
  • Amplo creates new revenue models for business units by driving them from cost centers to profit centers.