Introducing AmploFly4.0 powered by Amplo Global Inc.

Make Industry 4.0 journey a reality in your strategy, operations improvement, risk management and compliance with cutting edge AmploFly4.0 platform built on AI to provide directions to solve some of your key challenges.

Continuous improvement via monitoring and evaluating engineering, data, design, with programs running in your organization.

Business Modeling

Drive new business and revenue model decisions with AmploFly4.0


Safeguard your connected operations with security solution to harden defenses, prevent attacks, protect sensitive data, and mitigate risk IoT.

Analytics & Reports

Learn how today’s risk is managed by AmploFly4.0

Amplo Global offers proprietary productized solutions that enable the measurement and scoring of critical business areas within an organization in ways previously unavailable.
The offerings of Amplo Global enable:
Strategy Scoring

Measure and score strategy readiness for Industry 4.0-like efficiencies.

Value Management

Drive Industry 4.0-driven PMO and change via Agile-based program delivery.

AI-led Sales and Operations 4.0-efficiency

Identify opportunities to convert cost centers to profit centers, positively impacting annual budget planning.

Design Thinking / Visualization

Employ high level design thinking as a change agent.

Data Strategy

Maximize data lake strategy to improve monetization of overall business model.

A-led e-Marketplace / Eco-system Creation

Build seamless eco-systems that enable a single system of engagement that will improve overall business process harmonization.

Automation Strategies

Enhance automation, reskilling and centers of excellence.

Manufacturing Execution Strategy

Drive new normal MES strategy emulating ISA 95 model; drive MES applications as a service.
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Take a look at how Amplo works

Amplo Global Inc. is ready to solve one of the greatest challenges experienced by the organizations. Productizing strategy is Amplo Global’s goal, creating one snapshot of all capabilities is Amplo Global’s promise, measuring and connecting all strategic programs of the organization is Amplo Global’s outcome. Amplo Global’s foundation Is built on Artificial Intelligence, analytics and insights. All strategic deliverables from the cloud based AmploFly4.0 platform are generated automatically.

Why we exist ?
Amplo not only brings digital transformation techniques in the eco-system, but also creates a larger impact by making technology meet social impact. Amplo provides the first ever technological social impact platform that focuses on matching talented professionals with non-profit opportunities.
Challenges we tackle ?
Amplo tackles a major challenge in any aspect of work: making the experience simple. Driving simplification is not easy in this connected world where data prolifiration is huge. Amplo brings connected experience for products, operations and sales management.
What are our Solutions ?
Amplo’s cloud-based AmploFly4.0 product framework, which entails five key strategic sub-products, drives a value-based assessment and offers seven key deliverables in the cloud. Amplo brings a connected experience for end-to-end business process operations and sales management by leveraging AmploFly4.0 coupled with Amplo’s robust global delivery engines, allowing clients to achieve a holistic maturity assessment and enabling them in Industry 4.0 programs.

How we are transforming your business

Amplo Global Inc. challenges the way corporate strategy has traditionally been performed by bringing AmploFly4.0 platform to market.

Amplo impacts every client’s business unit by empowering them to run their own strategy steps for depicting their growth plans.

Amplo Global Inc. augments both process and operations strategy with AI based guided assessment and capability Modeling steps to bring the best of strategy and operations responding to the pre-requisites of implementation

Home Transforming


From clients, to partners to crowd sourcing teams, everyone has been pleasantly surprised to witness “strategy in cloud”

Thought Leadership

Amplo Global's Flagship Capability Modeling Product, AmploFly4.0, Calibrates The Disruptive Impact of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 technological capabilities are disrupting traditional business practices such as siloed business functions, duplicate strategic programs and labor-based strategic services. Amplo Global Inc. believes AmploFly4.0 can positively impact enterprises by bringing siloed strategies together, creating a visibility track, innovation readiness, and a path for new business and, in turn, revenue models for growth and value.

Disruptor of the Industry 4.0 by TBR Research

Leveraging M4.0 to Enhance Sustainability

A combination of advanced technologies and new design thinking approaches could help manufacturing companies create a more sustainable business ecosystem for the future on their Industry 4.0 journey.

Article by Anirban Bhattacharya published in the Manufacturing Leadership Journal

Leveraging M4.0 to Enhance Sustainability

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